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What is IP Address?

In today's Internet environment, almost every computer has an Internet Protocol Address (IP) address. Every electronic device connected to the Internet is assigned an IP address by the ISP (Internet Service Provider). Thus, other electronic devices located on the Internet are contacted via this address. An IP address is a unique number used as a quad and octet between digits 0 and 255.

IP addresses are a unique number used as four octets separated by periods, which is the most common use of today's IPv4.

With the progress of technology, multiple browsers have emerged. Through these browsers it is possible to connect to the web site's server with the IP address. However, writing these numbers would be much simpler by developing a domain (domain) technology to correspond to the IP address so it would not be complex and easy to write. Each IP address is matched to which system the IP address belongs to which system, and the users are directed to the correct addresses.

One of the biggest features of IP addresses is that it is unique so an ip address is only linked to one server and can not be used by other users. The domain names are similar to this and can only be registered by one person and only show the content of the connected server connected to the connected ip.

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Johan William

Eltis facilitates the exchange of information, knowledge and experiences in the field of sustainable urban mobility in Europe. It is aimed at individuals working in transport as well as in related dis...

Natale Alfredo

The grounded competence and the great experience of our Design Department allow us to grow up in fantasy, creativity and continuous innovation, features required to create and find out state-of the-ar...

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